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Selling Well-Rebuilt Secondhand Home Appliances

Justified Appliance in Houston, Texas, is a fully insured store that offers used appliances at affordable prices, including secondhand dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and stoves. Our shop is well-stocked to make sure most types of home equipment are available for buyers. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we provide personalized service to help customers find the best home appliance that will suit their needs. Moreover, we offer same-day delivery of our products.

Second Hand Appliance for Sale
If you're looking for high-performance home equipment that fits your budget, come to our appliance store. We offer refurbished home appliances that work just like brand-new equipment. Our secondhand appliances even come with a three-year warranty. We sell a selection of refrigerators and freezers in the latest styles and colors such as white, almond, stainless, and black. Customers can order refrigerators and freezers in the following styles:

French Doors for Side-by-Side Units | Freezer Tops for Average Refrigerators | Freezer Bottoms for Freezer Drawers Below Refrigerators  Store

Item Policy and Warranty

Customers who need assistance can email us about their concerns. Our website contact form can be used for warranty submission if ever you encounter problems with any appliance from our store. Please email us a photo of your sales receipt so we can assist you right away. Once we receive your email, our accommodating staff will reach out to you and schedule warranty work for you equipment.